Everyone can build their desired guitar with us.

If you are interested, but do not have time on the set dates, please email us. We will definitely find a suitable date!

We offer tailor-made courses: from simple (5 days) to complicated (depends on what you want to build!). You can learn everything to implement even complex projects. Also cut down to the detail about the selection of the woods and then cut and straighten the woods to the complex-coloured finish. There is no need for prior knowledge of craftsmanship. In the beginner course you will learn how to use planers, chimes, top cutters and co, as well as everything necessary to turn a little wood into a really good guitar and are then able to really repeat the construction of a guitar.

As an example of the 5-day course:

Day1: Insert in the neck clamping rod, shaping of the neck, gluing of the fretboard, shaping of the bodysuit, hobbling and grinding of the fretboard radius

Day2: Bunding the neck, making the neck pocket, shaping of the neck

Day3: Last milling, dressing of the frets, manufacture of the saddle

Day4: Grinding and first finish

Day5: Installation of hardware and electronics

If it is difficult to time:


The dates given are the booked workshops, which take place at the FUCHSBAU in Lübeck. We give individual workshops in our workshop in Ratzeburg.


All required materials should be with us one month before the course starts. We prepare the coarsest works (we make the wood “straight” and glue body blanks) so that the participants can concentrate on the essentials.

In general, we start at 9:00 in the morning with a breakfast during which we discuss what to do and discuss our daily goals. Around 13:00 we take a break for a lunch, which is urgently needed to recharge our batteries. Soon our outdoor kitchen will be ready for use and deliver the best food for small money. Meanwhile, Lübeck’s delivery service offering is available. Around 5:30 p.m., everyone will be exhausted and grateful for the evening. In our chill corner you can end the evening with a session (drums will follow soon), talk about your experiences, or take advantage of the culinary or cultural offer of Lübeck.


Anything is possible! Upon registration, we will send you a detailed list of what is needed and good sources where to buy everything you need.

We are also happy to provide everything for a small fee.


Der erste Workshop seit der Pandemie!

Es hat tierisch gut getan mal eine Woche in konzentrierter Arbeit zu versinken und einfach schöne Dinge herzustellen!

Lasse und Marie sind tolle Leute mit denen man super arbeiten kann!

Beide waren handwerklich recht unerfahren und umso toller ist es dass sie so komplexe und perfekt spielbare Instrumente bauen konnten.

Als sie mich gefragt hatten ob man das in der Zeit hinbekomme hatte ich Zweifel.

Aber, wie es der Teufel wollte war es nicht der Epoxy-Maserpappel-Bass der Zicken machen wollte…..

Nein, der hätte auch nach sechs Tagen fertig sein können. Ausgerechnet die Oliven-Tele hatte eine schwere Geburt,

kam aber dann auch als absolut großartiges Instrument zur Welt.

Detail-Fotos reiche ich nach sobald Lasse zuhause das Finish fertig gemacht hat. Hier ein paar Erinnerungsfotos…

Where our workshops take place

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