What we do

When we build a guitar we always try to achieve the perfect balance.

In our opinion, every instrument should not only sound wonderful, but should also be perfectly playable without a belt.


Custom Designs

Find one of our instruments that we built under sweat and tears, or design your guitar with us and let’s build it.



Slap Machine





Build your instrument under professional guidance in an individual course, learn how to improve your guitars, or, or, or…

Tailor-made workshops are available virtually at any time.

-Mail or call: 0151 – 11 55 7432

The dates given relate only to the reserved dates in Fuchsbau Lübeck.

Smaller workshops take place in Lübeck or Ratzeburg.

“Nikolai Seidel built the perfect Fretless bass for me. I come from the double bass and need an unorthodox string position for my sound, and prefer a very round fretboard and a thick neck. He really solved that optimally. I’ve never felt so comfortable on an electric bass neck! The choice of pickups is also perfect. Particularly noteworthy is the perfect weighting and the enormously comfortable posture of the instrument. The choice of woods and the design of the body: The bass is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely well thought out in terms of playing comfort! In other words, I didn’t have a better bass guitar in my hand.”

Andreas Metzler, Jazzbassist, Istanbul

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